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Transport rule for a domain extension

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    Transport rule for a domain extension

    I am brand new to exchange server 2010 and want to set up some transport rules. (using ) domain extension as an example.

    • E-Mail will with keyword “PROTECT:” in subject message must be sent to E-Mail Addresses. CC,BCC sent to E-Mail Addresses.

    • E-Mail from will only be allowed to be received by certain personnel, I have a list Tom Dick and Harry no one else other than these are allowed.

    • Remote devices will not be allowed to download attachments for mail with keyword “PROTECT:” in subject E-Mails. They will be using Outlook Web App(OWA) or Outlook Anywhere

    Are all three rules possible? or would I need to use message classification?

    Could someone please help with Powershell cmdlet

    New-TransportRule -Name "PROTECT_TO_PLC" –  ?????
    New-TransportRule -Name "PLC_TO_AUTHLIST" –  ?????
    New-TransportRule -Name "PROTECT_NOT_TO_RD" –  ?????

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    Hi, this should get you started on the first two - the last one is not a part of transport rules. It is more something that would be done via either OWA or more likely via the publishing mechanism for example UAG. Cheers, Nathan

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